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Tuesday, April 05, 2005


I can't stop thinking about her. Everytime I'm in a crowd I look for her, and I listen for her voice. I even wonder, when I'm pulling a pineapple pound cake out of the oven, is she doing the same thing ?

No Pictures, Just Memories. Part One

Last weekend I went with my bro Chris, and a buddy of his, Arthur,
to Vermont Killington. It was our last winter excursion for the season. Our sights were set and our minds made up, we were going to snowboard that weekend and there wasn't a person on this planet that could stop us!
We started out on Friday at 4pm. After picking up Arthur on the opposite side of Brooklyn NY, we finished packing the unstoppable north-bound Audi and positioned ourselves in the cockpit. Everything was set, and we were ready to venture off for the mountains of white we were longing for.
We arrived on the mountain at 10:30pm. It took us a bit longer than we had imagined it would, but that didn't slow our drive to spend the best last weekend of the boarding season in Vermont. With a quick call to my buddy Thomas, we made what we were to soon find would be the best laid plans for an evening at the bars. Before I go on, I have to mention some quick side notes on Thomas, a person in which I quickly grew a respect of colossal proportions for because of his last years worth of decisions.
Thomas, early last summer decided he wanted to move to Killington Vermont, and become a chef. Spending his days as a snow boarder, and nights as a chef at a local restaurant on the mountain, Thomas would be leaving his girlfriend and family to live out adream. I would say, "nough said," but I think I'll go on. The respect I hold comes solely from the fact that he made a major choice most of us never want to make, but often think about. To follow his dreams instead of his logic. Then again, if you think about it, following your dreams should be what is most logical. Moving on, he sacrificed countless numbers of things to grow and live as a mountain man, practically snowboarding for a living. What can be considered a simple life. I'm sure many peoplewouldn't want that life, but everyone has a dream, that was his, and he is one of few that is strong enough to follow it! After hanging out for a bit I found out he's making plans to move to Mamouth Mt. in California next season. This kid just kicks ass!
The Wobbly Barn, an odd name that might make you question whether you actually want to enter into such a place. After all was said and done, we did enter this massive barn looking structure and found one of the hottest night scenes in Killington. The bar was shoulder to shoulder with the youngest and might I add happiest looking people in the area. To our surprise the barn had a musical guest, a band/hip hop act dubbed as Silent Groove. This most definitely made the night. All of us hung out, had a couple drinks and watched as one the greatest live freestylests performed on stage, ten feet away. This guy isn't anyone you'd know, but I'm positive one day you will. Matt Zigs, the MC, crushed the microphone by having the crowd throw objects up on stageand then rapping about them one by one. All of it made sense and tied into each other. He was faultless. There was everything from bras to barbi dolls to notes about girls leaving their boyfriends for him. With a fluid all in one rhyming story, this MC made close to 200 new fans. When the music was done we left with an even greater confidence that Saturday was going to be a day of snowboarding that would never be forgotten. In many ways(just not the ones we expected) it proved to be just that...
Check back in a week to hear the conclusion of; No Pictures, Just Memories.

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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Manhattan Sudio

Music in the Making

It's been several long weeks, well, actually months since I began the venture of creating my professional demo.(and the execs better like it) It was very early January when the project began. Point being, it's almost completed and everyone including myself is very excited about the release! Stay in touch for my short recording and mixing and mastering and coffee drinking and arguing(actually fighting) and creating and going broke and worrying and falling in love all over again with music and never changing a thing story!